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What is mod_xml?

mod_xml is an XML applications development environment for Apache 2.0. The primary purpose is to provide a powerful, full-featured opensource platform for Webservices and XML applications. Written in C (and possibly C++, depending on the XML library used) and fully integrated into Apache, it should present a leaner, meaner system and a far lower overhead than the heavyweight alternatives that have traditionally dominated this market.

It comprises three main components:

Platforms and Prerequisites

mod_xml is known to build and run successfully on Linux and FreeBSD with Apache 2.0.35. Developers interested in supporting other platforms are encouraged to come on board.

XML Platform

mod_xml requires an XML implementation, to support the required XML and XSLT technologies. The XML implementations currently provided are:

So you will need to have either Xalan/Xerces or libxml2/libxslt installed before you can build mod_xml. Applications using the SAX or DOM should use the same XML libraries that were used to build the module. Applications using only XSLT can use any XML implementation.

Other XML implementations, such as expat+sablot, may be supported as and when resources permit.


The WebÞing Development Server is running applications including a prototype accessibility proxy and an XML validation service.

Get Involved

In the first instance, please join us on the mod-xml-general mailinglist. Alternatively, email Nick Kew with a brief note about your interest.


Download using Sourceforge CVS from or from the project page.


Support is available on a commercial basis - just email. Free support may also be available via the mailinglist - if you're lucky.


Prior to moving to Sourceforge, mod_xml was developed by Nick Kew. mod_xslt is by Philipp Dunkel. The two modules are independent, but expect to share ideas and development effort in future.